How to Help

Sponsor a Fundraiser or Adoption Event

Sponsor a Fundraiser or Adoption Event

We are always looking for new venues to showcase our animals and/or to hold fundraising events.

Restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. are great for fundraisers while pet supply stores, doggie daycares, even open parking lots are great places to hold adoption events.

We are also looking for places or spaces to have garage sales or flea markets.

If you have a venue and you would like to host and/or organize an event for Bobbi and the Strays, or if you would allow us to participate in your event, please contact us at (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email

Become a Volunteer

There are so many ways that someone can volunteer to help Bobbi and the Strays. Any way that you are able to help would be greatly appreciated.

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