Programs for Youth

Animal Education/Anti-Bullying

Anti-bullying education begins with teaching compassion for all living things. What better way to instill the values of compassion and care than through a visit from a friendly dog? 

Our interactive session designed for schools and youth groups brings to life the following important lessons:

  • Respect and compassion for all life 
  • Proper, safe and kind interactions with our companion animals 
  • The connection between bullying and the mistreatment of animals 
  • The value of spay and neuter programs in saving the lives of animals

Bullying is a terrible threat to our kids, and that’s why many schools and youth groups are proactively investing in anti-bullying education. Consider a visit from Bobbi and the Strays a part of your anti-bullying curriculum. 

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Read to Kitties-COMING SOON!!

Bobbi's Book Nook-COMING SOON!!

A Reading Program for Kids and Kitties

Bobbi’s Book Nook is a unique program that encourages our young readers to come to the shelter to read to our adoptable cats. Beneficial to the cats and beneficial to the kids, Bobbi’s Book Nook offers rewards and incentives to make reading fun for our young visitors. 

All participants will receive a certificate of participation, plus special recognition after multiple visits with our cats. 

More Information

Bobbi’s Book Nook takes place in our Freeport shelter on Saturdays. All participants must register for an orientation by calling our Freeport location.

Download The Book Nook Flyer

Other Youth Programs

Young people are welcome to become a part of our work in a variety of ways, including: 

  • As volunteers in our shelters or at events
  • For school credit as part of a project 
  • As interns (college aged students) 
  • For required school community service hours

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