My sister and I found Nellie on the web site and fell in love. My sister had found her dog through that website and we were looking for a dog for me at the time.Nellie looked perfect.

On Saturday, December 17th, 2005, my sister, father and I drove to Bobbi & the Strays Vetport facility at JFK airport to meet Nellie. My sister actually crawled into the cage to get Nellie to come out. Nellie was a sweet, feral dog and although frightened, she didn’t hurt my sister. Bobbi was at the center at the time and she told us Nellie’s story and that she was a complicated dog, but very sweet. Bobbi said to take Nellie home and “try her out”. She knew we’d fall in love with her and we sure did.

It took us a long time to get Nellie into our car that day to get her home with us. She was very frightened. She sat on my sister’s lap the entire ride home to Rutherford NJ. We crate trained her at first for Nellie’s sake. It made her feel safe. For a while, Nellie would try to hide in the crate. Then when we took away the crate, she would lean against a wall in the corner of my dining room as it made her feel safe having her back up against something. It took 3 to 4 months, not too long, for Nellie to become comfortable in the house and then she felt happy to roam around the entire home. She would follow me everywhere in the house. However, it took a lot longer for Nellie to feel comfortable outside.

I would try to walk Nellie but she was afraid of going outside. She never fully felt comfortable outside but it definitely improved over time. She preferred to walk at night when it was dark and quiet out but I pushed her to walk all different times of the day. Nellie would fight me but she would go eventually and then she seemed to enjoy it when it was over! She seemed proud of herself after the walk!

Back in October 2010, while out in my backyard, Nellie was frightened by thunder and she jumped the fence in my yard and ran away. I know she was running away from the storm and not from our home. Nellie loved her home. I called Home Again and I called Bobbi G. Nellie was missing for for almost 24 hours. Home Again received a call in the afternoon the next day. Nellie was across town hiding in someone else’s backyard in a dog house. I was so happy we found her. It was the worst 24 hours without her.

Nellie had a fun, exciting and full life in the end. My boyfriend had a dog as well as a house down the beach in Lavallette. Nellie loved both Rich and Jack Dawg. Nellie went swimming in the bay down in Lavallette. She went on a kayak with me, my boyfriend Rich and his dog Jack. Not willlingly at first but she loved it once she was on it. Nellie loved the breeze in her face. Nellie would sit out on the back deck and watch the ducks and swans. Nellie’s all time favorite was walking and running on the beach. She seemed very happy and carefree when she was on the beach.

Nellie also had loving Grandparents who would dog sit her when I was away and who would also stop by during the day when I was at work. Nellie loved her grandparents. Nellie also had a loving Aunt and cousins who gave Nellie so much love!

Last May 20th, 2016, Nellie was diagnosed with a brain tumor growing down the left side of her brain. After visits to several doctors, the vet twice, and an eye doctor once, finally a neurologist was able to explain the symptoms I was noticing in Nellie. Originally is started with her not eating and drinking normally. I noticed something was wrong. Then Nellie started tripping down the back stairs. Eventually she started losing her balance when just standing and sometimes facing the wall. The neurologist prescribed prednisone, a steroid, and practically overnight Nellie’s symptoms went away. The neurologist said most of her symptoms were caused by the swelling around the brain tumor and that the prednisone would decrease the swelling but not get rid of the tumor. The tumor would continue to grow. The neurologist gave Nellie 3 to 6 months to live. Nellie lasted on the prednisone for 8 months with some side effects, increased thirst, increased hunger, eventually not able to hold her bladder very well and in the end she got a skin condition. Nellie was loving and sweet throughout this entire sickness.

On June 24th, 2016, I gave birth to a baby girl that we named Jessica. Nellie loved Jessica and would sit near Jess and me whenever she could. Nellie lasted 8 months after her diagnosis and was able to spend time with her new little sister. Seeing the neurologist and putting Nellie on prednisone was a blessing. It gave Nellie back her life for a while and allowed her to enjoy her baby sister.

On the morning February 6, 2017, Nellie would not, could not eat her breakfast or drink anything. I tried everything but she just couldn’t. I then knew it was time. I called the vet and made an appointment to take Nellie in to put her to sleep. I sat with Nellie in my kitchen, laying on her favorite blanket and I pet her, kissed her and talked to her. Nellie didn’t make it to her appointment. She stopped breathing and passed away in my arms in her home. I miss her every minute of the day. My heart is broken. She was my love, my little girl for so long. The house is empty without her. I miss hugging her and kissing her. Nellie has my heart forever!!!!