December 28, 2011

What’s in a name? Sometimes, everything. When a stranger would ask the dog’s name and was told “Monday”,” it just seemed to warm them up to her more.

Everyone loved that name — it was just so cool, and so was she. Unflappable, except when a person or dog walked past the house, at which time she’d bark until they were out of sight. I can’t remember her barking about anything else.

December 28, 2011: That wonderful dog, beloved pet, family member, and best friend could barely see or walk and was failing in so many other ways.

It was time to allow her to pass on, to wherever beloved pets go, with the same dignity, compassion, and love that we all had always accorded her, and she us.

I know we gave her a home, a life, and love that was extraordinary, but it pales in comparison with the pleasure and love she gave us.

I know with time the hurt will dissipate, but I know we’ll never forget how great it was to have shared 17 years with Monday.