This slobbery, flatulent, arthritic, cranky old beast came to stay with me temporarily–being in no position time-wise or financially to take on the responsibilities of a dog. But seeing her in that cage hurt my heart too much – I knew she deserved better.

Bobbi and I held our breath as she climbed the stairs to my apartment for the first time–not sure she’d make it to the top alive. She did – and ended up finding her ‘forever’ home.

The two years I had with Maggie is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. She bravely struggled with the pain of arthritis. Her resilience was inspiring. She was stubborn and ornery but loved with all her heart. She made me laugh every day.

I’ll miss her kisses and the thwump of her tail, her kitchen patrol while cooking, her nose pushing open doors following me around the apartment, and those times when she forgot she was an old lady and hopped and pounced like a puppy.

She was my princess, my Magdalena, my Bully Bulldog, my Maggety-boo-boo-my Maggie, and I miss her so much.

A million thanks to Bobbi and her tireless volunteers for all that they do for these forgotten animals. I’ll always be grateful for the love that you helped bring into my life.