My princess, my monkey, the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Dad and I had been walking dogs at Bobbi and The Strays for a few months when you came in. I remember the EXACT moment I fell in love with you and knew you had to be part of our family. You were a perfect little nugget at 32 pounds and we were told you were full grown. It turned out you still had a little growing to do because you doubled in size!
Through the years we had many struggles but we never once thought about giving up on you. We figured it out and did whatever we had to, to make your life the best it could be. In return, you loved us unconditionally.
You were my little clown who could always make me smile. You let me dress you up in all kinds of outfits and always had patience when I was taking a million pictures of you. 11 years just wasn’t enough and I hate cancer for stealing you from me. Our house feels empty but my heart is full because I am so grateful I got to be your Mom.
Until we meet again just remember, I loved you most (and you’ll always be the prettiest girl I’ll ever see.)❤


Love you forever,

Mom, Dad, Freddie, Bentley and Bella