After being in the shelter for two years, turns out this tough guy just needed love and patience. Taking Cody out for a family birthday just for him to see a little bit of queens grew into a new family member. Mr tough guy was doing great and fell in love with my mother, and the feelings were mutual. Fostering him over the holidays settled it, before Valentine’s Day he was home where he belonged. It became Cody’s place and we were there to serve him. Seeing him bond to other people and animals warmed our hearts, he was such a softie under that loyal lhasa apso exterior. The older he got the more spoiled he was, and deserved everything. Bed? Cody’s. Sofa? Cody’s. Is that a soft blanket? Cody’s. Our hearts? Cody’s. He spent 8 years being the big baby of the family and loved to pieces. Loved even before your gotcha day in February 2014 and every minute in November 2021. You will be missed!!!


Cody, our viejito, our gordito, Mr. America rest in peace.