Bambi came a long way with us and taught us that anything was possible.

I remember the day we brought her home to nurse her back from pneumonia. She stayed huddled in her crate, her safety blanket wrapped around her like a cocoon.

In the beginning, touching her wasn’t even an option. When we tried she snarled, bit, and then ran away. With time and patience, her mistrust began to disappear as she realized her past didn’t need to be her future… it was okay to trust people.

Walter got to the point where he would pick her up – kiss her nose and belly – and called her “his little squirrel” and she loved it.

Bambi slowly found her place in our pack as the little dog that used to wrap herself in a blanket to hide was now greeting us at the door when we came home.

Thank you, Bambi, for giving us the opportunity to know you.

Love Always,
Mary and Walter