Thank you for supporting our very important work and thank you for remembering and caring for the homeless and abused animals.

Bobbi and The Strays is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law and are greatly appreciated!

Donate Through PayPal

Our organization would not exist without our wonderful donors and donating money on a regular basis provides funding our dogs and cats can depend on! Donating monthly is easy and cost effective too.

Choosing a donation of $30 per month costs less than a dollar a day. A donation of $15 a month is less than 50 cents a day. These daily dollars and cents really add up and provide Bobbi and the Strays the financial security needed to provide for the animals in our care while helping in our commitment of love.

Happiness is not so much having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. — Norman Mac Eswan

Click on the amount below that you wish to donate to Bobbi and the Strays securely via PayPal on a monthly basis. The amount you select will be processed by PayPal one time each month.

Monthly Donations

Prefer to make a one-time PayPal donation instead? Please

Please support us in any way that you can. Remember – Bobbi and the Strays is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Monthly Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law and are so greatly appreciated!
Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of these animals.

Help Stray Dogs & Cats Now and Into the Future.

It is essential to let your attorney, accountant, and/or estate planner know now that you wish to continue to support Bobbi & the Strays by way of a bequest.

With a bequest to Bobbi and the Strays, it is easy to continue your commitment to helping dogs and cats — and to benefit your heirs as well.
By including in your will a bequest of cash or property to Bobbi and the Strays, you can ensure that your wishes will be carried out as you specify. You can also take pride in knowing that your gift will help many cats and dogs find loving homes.

Your bequest can take the form of a cash gift, real estate, life insurance, securities, and/or other property. Often the tax advantages are such that the gift has little impact on the estate that your heirs will receive.

A bequest in your will can be for a specified sum or a percentage of the estate.

An unrestricted bequest is the simplest and most common form of testamentary gift to Bobbi and the Strays. It is also the most useful because property bequeathed can be used at the discretion of Bobbi and the Strays for the organization’s most important needs, which may change from time to time.

You can also specify in your will how you would like your bequest to be used and direct that the gift be named in your memory and/or in honor of/to others whom you select.

Create a profound impact in areas and programs of interest to you.
Endowment Funds enable donors and their families to identify specific areas and programs of interest to them, areas in which they can create a profound impact for a term of years or in perpetuity.

Your contribution, whether made during your lifetime or through your will, can be designated for a particular purpose or program.

A “perpetual endowment fund” may be established, with its income available to carry out the program you designate. In recognition of your concern and support, this fund will bear your name or the name of your family.

Contributing tangible personal property can generate significant tax and economic benefits. One of the wisest financial and tax planning decisions may be to contribute gifts of tangible personal property such as works of art, collectibles, jewelry, gemstones, or other valuables.

There are tax rules that may restrict the amount of the deduction in certain circumstances. If Bobbi and the Strays can make use of the donated property for its exempt purposes (e.g., apply the property to its specific programs to ensure for the treatment and care for dogs and cats), then the amount of your charitable deduction will be for the property’s full fair market value. If the use of the property is unrelated to Bobbi and the Strays exempt purposes or functions, the amount of your charitable deduction is limited to the original cost of the property.

Tangible personal property can generate significant tax and economic benefits for an individual if contributed to a charitable remainder trust under Bobbi and the Strays Planned Giving Program.

A donated policy may reduce taxes at a relatively low cost to you.
The full cash value of a life insurance policy, when transferred to Bobbi and the Strays, is a charitable gift which is deductible for income tax purposes by the donor in the year it is contributed. Where premiums remain to be paid periodically on the policy, the donor may make a tax-deductible contribution to Bobbi and the Strays which may thereafter use its funds to pay the premium on the policy it then owns.

You can transfer to Bobbi and the Strays an existing life insurance policy which you own. Bobbi and the Strays would then become the owner and beneficiary of the insurance. You are able to deduct the cash value of the policy as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. In addition, the proceeds of such policies are excluded from the estate for estate tax purposes and used as a charitable contribution by Bobbi and the Strays.

For more information on Planned giving – please call (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email

Multiple Ways to Donate

Donate Through PayPal

Please be sure to check with your employer if they will match your donation. More Info If this applies to you, your employer will provide you with instructions on how to donate. Do not use this page to donate.

Donate By Credit or Debit Card

Please be sure to check with your employer if they will match your donation. More Info If this applies to you, your employer will provide you with instructions on how to donate. Do not use this page to donate.

Network for Good

If you are a Network for Good user:


All Other Types of Donations

Donate By Mail
To Donate via check or money order – please send all payments to:

Bobbi and the Strays
P.O. BOX 170129
Ozone Park, NY 11417

Click Here for a form to mail along with your donation.

You may also drop off your check or money order in person at our Adoption Center located at The Shops at Atlas Park mall or at our Freeport Shelter.

You may also pay with your credit card by mail – simply click here for the DonationForm.

Have any stray earrings, jewelry from an ex you can’t stand (old wedding band), broken chains and bracelets, gold teeth, etc? Well you can donate any gold or silver (scrap gold or silver included) to Bobbi and the Strays. This generates money to help pay for food and medical expenses for our animals most in need.

If you would care to make a tax-deductible gift of saleable jewelry items, costume or fine jewelry, that would be most appreciated as well. Please drop off any donations at our Adoption Center at the Shops at Atlas Mall or at our Freeport Shelter.

Please ONLY drop off items from the “Our Animals Need” or “We Always Need” lists below. To Donate any other items, please contact us for instructions first by calling (718) 326-6070 or (516) 378-4340 or emailing Thank you – it is most appreciated.

Please ONLY drop off items at our adoption center or our shelter during business hours.

You can submit our In-Kind Donation form when donating Goods & Supplies – Click Here to Download.

Our Animals Need

  • clean towels
  • dog toys
  • cat toys
  • nylabone chew toys
  • dog beds
  • cat beds
  • dog treats
  • cat treats
  • kitty litter
  • leashes
  • collars
  • harnesses
  • stainless steel bowls
  • air-tight containers to store dry food
  • Pedigree dry dog food
  • Pedigree canned dog food
  • Purina 1 dry cat food
  • Friskies dry cat food
  • Friskies canned cat food
  • Martingale dog collars
  • Evo dry cat food
  • Evo canned cat food

We Always Need

  • bleach
  • lysol
  • vinegar
  • sponges
  • paper-towels
  • laundry detergent
  • fabric softener
  • dish soap
  • Lysol or Clorex Wipes
  • Hand soap/sanitizer
  • printing paper
  • staples
  • pens
  • other office supplies
  • garbage bags
  • dog waste bags
  • postage stamps
  • Rubber gloves

Other Items

We also collect almost any type of saleable item in new or very good condition to sell, auction, or raffle for fundraising purposes such as:

  • jewelry
  • gift baskets
  • art
  • gift certificates
  • gift cards
  • etc.


Donate items from our Amazon Wishlist.

We are always in need of people who would like to donate their professional or business services. Some examples are:

  • veterinarian care
  • graphic design
  • website development
  • legal aid
  • transportation services
  • lobbying
  • copier and printing services
  • artists
  • promotional item printing
  • painters
  • handyman services
  • plumbers
  • grant writing
  • electricians
  • contractors
  • exterminators
  • etc.

We also sometimes auction or raffle professional services such as spa services, car maintenance, restaurant gift certificates, etc.

To Volunteer or Donate your Professional or Business Services please call (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email

DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK, RV, or BOAT to Bobbi and the Strays. This is another great way to help our homeless animals. It’s as easy making a phone call. Please call Thomas of Cash4Cars at (718) 835-2664. Be sure to mention that you are donating on behalf of Bobbi and the Strays.

Thomas will coordinate pick-up and assist with paperwork. Bobbi and the Strays will then provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your generous donation.

To celebrate the life of a loved one, give a gift of life to an animal in need. Request that donations be made to Bobbi and the Strays in lieu of flowers.

Expand your wedding celebration to include the animals. In lieu of giving your guests traditional wedding favors, instead give a donation to Bobbi and the Strays and acknowledge your gift to your guests with a card left at their place setting .

Use GoodSearch as your search engine & for every search Bobbi and the Strays receives cash. It is free for you to use and we receive more then a penny a search and those pennies can really add up!
Just be sure to select “Bobbi and the Strays” under “who do you good search for” before you search so that your searches count!
Enter your search topic above to use GoodSearch now. Or click the GoodSearch logo above to set Bobbi and the Strays as your designated charity to search for.

Shop online at your favorite retailers through GoodSearch and those retailers will donate up to 37% of your purchase price to Bobbi and the Strays. It won’t cost you a thing!
Retailers include Nordstrom,, Petco, iTunes, Marriott, Sephora,, Groupon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Netflix, Macy’s, Six Flags,, HSN, 1 800 Flowers, Avon, Holiday Inn, Discover Card, Franklin Covey,, The Body Shop, Vistaprint, Brookstone, Sports Authority, Staples – and so many more!
Just be sure to select “Bobbi and the Strays” under “who do you good search for” before you shop! Click the GoodShop logo above to go to GoodShop now.

Donate Goldwell Hair Color Containers

If you use or know any Hair Salons that use Goldwell Hair Color you can collect them.  They are made of a metal that is recyclable for cash.  You can also collect other recyclable metals and donate them too.  The cash will help us feed our animals.  They can be dropped off at one of our locations.

Foster parents are those rare, exceptional people who bring an animal into their home, care for them, and then say goodbye knowing that their mentoring and love has been an invaluable experience for the animal and an important step in the adoption of the animal. Fostering may also be a great solution for people who would love to have a pet but can not commit to providing a forever home just yet.

If you are interested in this program, please contact us at (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or It will make a huge difference in the lives of the animals you foster, and will enrich your life in ways you did not imagine.

How To Become a Foster Parent

  • Fill out our Foster Application here:
    • For Microsoft Word users, please complete this MS Word version of the Foster Form electronically, save to your computer, then email it to
    • For others, please print the PDF version which you can drop off at The Shops at Atlas Park Adoption Center or our Shelter in Freeport. You may also FAX the form to us at (718) 326-6071 or (516) 378-5119.
  • We will review your application then contact you to discuss the pets who are available for fostering and to answer any questions you have about being a foster parent.
  • Once a pet is chosen, we will then arrange to meet you at your home so that we may observe where the animal will be living. It’s like a mini-orientation, and a great time to field any concerns or to ask any additional questions.
  • Once this is done you are on your way to becoming a foster parent!
  • If necessary, we can provide food, toys, crate and a bed for your foster dog or cat.

Give a Gift Donation

Give a meaningful gift to your family or friends and help an animal in need at the same time! Your donation can be a gift to someone you love, or in memory of a loved one (human or pet). We will mail an event appropriate card acknowledging your gift to the recipient of your choice.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, Weddings, Christmas – great for any occasion!

In person, we accept cash, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club).

Or you may mail a completed Gift Certificate Form and your donation via check, money order, or credit card to:

Bobbi and the Strays
P.O. BOX 170129
Ozone Park, NY 11417

Thank you for caring!

Click here to complete a Gift Form

Please call (718) 326-6070 or (516) 378-4340 for more information, or email

Sponsor a Homeless Dog or Cat or one of our valuable programs

Our animals need your HELP! For a monthly donation you can become a Pet Guardian and sponsor a dog or cat currently waiting for adoption. The following animals are especially in need of a Pet Guardian. Please click on their pictures to find out more about them and why they need your help.

If you choose to sponsor a particular dog or cat, a special welcome letter will be sent to you along with regular updates on your sponsored pet. You may also receive updates for upcoming events or newsletters. Of course, the satisfaction that you are helping a homeless animal in their time of need is the best present of all.

Or you may sponsor one of our very important programs – spay/neuter program, feed a stray program – dog/cat food, or general & emergency medical – all of which will help all of our animals! With sponsorship of these programs you will receive information on our upcoming events and our newsletters.

Click here to complete the Sponsor Form to sponsor a dog or cat or one of our very important programs.

For more information regarding Sponsorship and Bobbi’s Pet Guardian Program please call us at (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email

Bobbi and The Strays is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law and are greatly appreciated!

Please call (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email for more information on donating or to donate anything listed below. Bobbi and The Strays is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law and are greatly appreciated!

We are always looking for new venues to showcase our animals and/or to hold fundraising events.

Restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. are great for fundraisers while pet supply stores, doggie daycares, even open parking lots are great places to hold adoption events.

We are also looking for places or spaces to have garage sales or flea markets.

If you have a venue and you would like to host and/or organize an event for Bobbi and the Strays, or if you would allow us to participate in your event, please contact us at (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email

Become a Volunteer

    1. You can become a Dog Walker -We ask that dog walkers commit to a weekly schedule of at least one day a week for two hours to come to our shelter to walk and play with our dogs providing much needed exercise and socialization.
    2. You can become a Bobbi Buddy. – The Buddy Program is for people who enjoy the company of a dog but cannot foster or adopt due to time or housing restraints. Volunteers for this program are partnered with a dog living in our shelter that needs one on one attention and socialization. You can take your dog to local parks, beaches, training sessions, etc. This will provide the animal a break from the shelter environment to alleviate stress and provide much needed exercise and mental stimulation.
    3. You can be a Cage Cleaner  – We need cage cleaners at our Freeport location. We ask that you please commit to a weekly schedule of at least one day a week for two hours.
    4. You can help at an Adoption Event – We need volunteers to handle dogs at our events. Training will be provided. Adoption Events occur roughly once per month.
    5. You can become a Humane Educator – Education is the key to generating awareness in the community about the prevention of animal abuse and neglect as well as spay/neuter programs and their important effect on the dog and cat overpopulation crisis. We will train volunteers to visit local schools and speak with children, parents, and teachers on why being kind to animals is important and how they can help. Volunteers for this program must be available during school hours. (8am -3pm, Monday through Friday)
    6. You can be an Animal or Supply Transporter We need volunteers with cars to transport animals to the vet, groomers, adoption events, etc. We also need volunteers to transport supplies, food, and items that people may donate to us.
    7. You can help with General Administration We are always in need for volunteers to answer phones, greet visitors, stuff envelopes, write letters, database creation and entry, mass mailings, typing, filing, etc.
    8. You can help with Special Projects – We need volunteers to help with events, create and dispense flyers, collect donations, sell tickets, help at garage and tag sales, and other projects that come up throughout the year.
    9. You can Foster a homeless dog or cat. More info …
    10. You can sponsor an Adoption or Fundraising Event. More info …
    11. You can donate your professional or Business Services More info …
    12. You can help at a Fundraising Event – or even organize one on behalf of Bobbi and the Strays. We always need volunteers to help plan, organize, generate buzz, set-up, and carry-out fundraising events.
    13. Socialize the cats – Read to the cats in our Book Nook program. More Info…

Helping Stray Dogs and Cats through your workplace giving program can often provide added benefits and advantages – at no additional cost to you!

Matching Gifts
More and more companies are now conducting employee workplace-giving programs. In order to encourage charitable giving, the companies will often “match” your gift-thereby doubling your donation for our animals. Some will even “double-match” your donations to triple the impact of your original donation.
Before donating, please check with your Human Resources department or Office Manager to see if your company has a Matching Gift Program. Then be sure to follow your company’s guidelines when making a donation to increase your impact to Bobbi and the Strays.

If your employer requires an application to be completed by us, or other documentation, please just contact us. We would love to be included in any of your company’s charitable campaigns.

Combined Federal Campaign
Federal employees can participate in the annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which runs from September 1 through December 15.
You can easily locate Bobbi and the Strays section in your CFC materials.

Many states now conduct their own annual government employee campaigns. Check to see if Bobbi and the Strays is included in those charities from which to select.

United Way
Many companies hold United Way fund-drives. Through the United Way’s “Donor Option” program, you can now select Bobbi and the Strays as the beneficiary of your United Way gifts. Please remember to write “Bobbi and the Strays” in as your choice.
Usually, when donations are taken from your pay, taxes are not withheld from it. AND sometimes companies will even match your United Way contribution!

Since procedures vary with each local or regional campaign, please check with your workplace coordinator to make sure that you write your choice in correctly.

Speak to your employer about United Way or Bobbi and the Strays to see if a fund-drive can be held at your office.

For more information on Workplace Giving – contact your Human Resources Department or Office Manager. You may also call us at (718) 326-6070, (516) 378-4340 or email