Trey was brought to the animal hospital by somebody who found him almost dead who thought he was hit by a car. They found him under the El in Far Rockaway. When the vets examined him they found that he was bitten over 125 times. He was probably being used as a fighting dog but obviously he is not a fighter. He has had to have many surgeries to fix what his cruel owners did to him. He had kidney and liver failure was emaciated and was near death. He is doing really well now and he is the sweetest dog for a dog that has been abused like that. All he want to do is sit in your lap and play get attention. He will roll over on his back and let you rub his belly for hours. He is only 1-2 years old lab mix.Hhe is so sweet and so thankful that he was rescued. When the staff cleans his wounds (which probably hurts) all he does is lick their faces. We are looking for a foster or forever home for Trey. For more info please call the animal hospital 718 474-0500 where he is currently staying.