Tickles is a simply wonderful dog that has been sadly overlooked at the shelter for too long! Tickles came to us via animal care and control where her owner dumped her when he was moving. Tickles was heartbroken but she persevered. She has charmed all of the staff and volunteers at the shelter – just take a look at some of the new pictures on an outing! Tickles is super affectionate and loves to give kisses and flop over on her back for belly rubs. Her favorite toy is the tennis ball and she is an ace at fetch. She is only about 40 lbs., a perfect size for an apartment or smaller house. Tickles knows many basic commands and excels in her obedience classes. She is also completely housebroken and will let you know when she needs to go out. She is great with all the people she meets. Her newest best friend is a ten year old volunteer at the shelter who comes on the weekends to play fetch with her and practice obedience. As for other dogs, Tickles is very playful though she hasn’t been socialized too much with them, so she can tend to play rough and could use some brushing up on her play skills. She tends to mind her own business around dogs she isn’t interested in playing with. It would probably be best if she was your only pooch, but with someone very experienced, it should be fine. Tickles promises if you adopt her, she won’t give you any problems, only love! So please don’t let another day go by. Fill out your application for Tickles today than run-don’t walk to the shelter to pick up Tickles and change her life and yours for the best! Thank you so much!