Ok who can resist this kid?? Taner is a 7 year old Chihuahua. This poor boy was caged for most of his life, knowing nothing of the outside world – only knowing the bars of the small cage he was in. When he was saved and taken out by some caring people, his nails were curled under his paws and he would fall every three steps. He had a double eye infection and double ear infection. He also had sores on his paws. Since taking him in and bringing him to the vet, he is doing most excellent! They put in on oral antibiotics, as well as daily ointment for his ears and eyes and now the sores on his paws are almost gone and he doesn’t fall anymore when he walks!!! Taner loves to be outdoors and loves lengthy walks. His favorite game is fetch. He loves to snuggle with his foster mom (his savior!) and play with her other dog. Poor Taner is overweight due to being locked up all those years. He should be no more than 5-7 lbs. so foster mom is working on getting him to lose a few =). Taner already is starting to shed those unwanted lbs. with a daily healthy diet and exercise – kudos to his foster!!! Aside from all these things, the vet said he is in pretty good shape -strong heart and strong lungs! He has just started to live and has plenty of living to do with the right family =) If you are interested in Taner, please call Bobbi at 718-326-6070 or 917-213-9840. Thank you so much!