Stormy was originally found tied to a pole on Rockaway Blvd when he was just under a year old. When he came to our shelter he was very hyper and nervous, extremely unhappy to be in a cage (understandably.) We found a home for Stormy with a wonderful man who took Stormy in and worked with him. They formed a strong bond and Stormy was extremely happy in is home. They would send us photos of Stormy playing and resting on the couch, content and secure. Sadly Stormy’s owner became ill and had to be hospitalized. We took Stormy back to watch him till his owner was released. After a couple days in the shelter, we were able to find a wonderful foster for Stormy with a couple that had another husky. (see video) Sadly Stormy’s owner did not recover and passed away in the hospital. The foster reported that Stormy went outside to lie down and howled into the sky on the same day =( It was as if Stormy was saying good-bye and we hope that his owner knows that Stormy is in good hands now and we will take care of him. Stormy is safe in his foster home but we are seeking a permanent home for Stormy. Stormy is now six years old. He is housebroken and well-behaved. He is overweight at this time, but his foster parents are helping him get back into shape. For more information on Stormy please email