My name is Stella. That is the name the kind rescuer gave me. See, I was living on the street for so long I lost track of time. I was skinny, bruised and tired. When they came to rescue me, I was so scared. I wasn’t sure if they were going to hurt me like other people did. I gave them quite a chase but in the end I went with them and I am really glad I did. They took me to a shelter where I was safe and given food and water everyday! I didn’t have to eat out of people’s trash cans anymore. I got a warm bed to sleep on instead of the cold, dirty ground. People pet me and cuddled with me. They tell me that one day I will be adopted and I will get to live in a home of my own. I am not sure anyone wants to adopt a throw away like me, but I am very hopeful and dream of it everyday. I have scars on my legs and I am still so skinny though I am working on it. I am housebroken. A volunteer took me home for the day to test me and I proved I was well trained! I sometimes get nervous still after all I have been through… but I am a good girl. I love to roll over for belly rubs and lay my head on the volunteers legs to be pet. Sometimes I need to be reassured that I am still safe. I hope I am wrong and that someone can see that I am really a good dog and that if you take a chance on me, I will repay you ten fold with love, affection and loyalty. If you are that someone please email and they will set up an appointment to meet me. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope to meet you soon. Love, Stella.