Such a sad story for a pup so young =( This is a case of PLEASE think of the commitment before you take a pet! Simba’s first owners were a young couple who fought over who was going to walk, feed, and clean up after him everyday until finally no one did any of these things!!! He never saw the outdoors and was very skinny. They then gave Simba to someone else who is never home and AGAIN, this poor pup was being neglected. The person was just going to hand this precious boy to anyone when one of our volunteers stepped in. Simba is about 4 months old and a lovable mush. He would do great with someone who has experience of being "the leader" so he grows into a well-behaved adult pooch. He is just a baby and can play rough so he would do best with older children. He gets along with his foster mom’s 2 dogs, but is a little shy at the dog park for now. Simba has a TON of energy so we are really looking for that special someone who "gets it" and knows they will be doing lots of walks, etc. Please be ready for a peppy puppy! Little Simba has been through two inexperienced and uncaring homes already – we are here to make sure his last and final home is THE one =) Only fully completed applications will be responded to. Please email our application from to If you have trouble, please email and an app will be emailed personally to you. Thank you so much!