She lies on her bed with her head down, her stuffed toys around her for comfort. Adopters have come to the shelter again. She is scared, but somewhere deep down inside she feels the hope that she had buried so long ago. The adopters walk slowly down the row of cages but when they walk past Sheba’s cage, their eyes seem to pass right over her as if she were invisible. She watches them stop at the puppy’s cage and start to talk excitedly. "So cute!" they exclaim. It’s another day at the shelter and she has been passed up again. Her heart is broken. No one wants an adult dog of uncertain ancestry. Though she is quite beautiful with silver and brown brindle coloring and curled tail, adopters don’t notice her and always go straight to the small dog, the fluffy dog, the young dog. Sheba never gets the chance to show adopters how she loves to give kisses, how her whole body wiggles like she is dancing when it’s her turn to go for a walk or when a volunteer comes to visit her, or how she is the best power walker at the shelter. Every time she is passed up, her heart breaks a little more, yet deep down inside she keeps a glimmer of hope that maybe a kind soul is out there who truly wants to make a difference in the life of an overlooked shelter animal. Someone who will understand what she’s been through and give her the time and love she needs to heal her broken heart and flourish in a loving home.