Say hello to Shakespeare!

He is an 8 year old Maltese who has not had an easy life at all.  This tiny 5 pound boy belonged to someone who abused and neglected him for years, and finally abandoned him without a backwards glance.  The abuse is further compounded by the fact that the person who Shakespeare was left with, after 6 months, did nothing to help him until he recently called us requesting we take the dog.  This person did not make it easy to arrange pick-up of poor Shakespeare, either.  He was willing to leave him alone while he vacationed for TWO weeks if we couldn’t comply with his schedule.

When we saw the condition this poor little guy was in our hearts broke in a million pieces.  The pain and suffering Shakespeare must have endured is simply unimaginable…

Shakespeare’s HORRENDOUS condition was deplorable! We were ANGRYDISGUSTED, and HEART BROKEN at the thought that the owner could do this to a dog.  Who knows how long he was SUFFERING in pain from all the matting, rotten teeth, and an odor that was unbearable. 

Once picked up, Shakespeare was immediately rushed to our veterinarian.  He had to be sedated in order to remove the filthy mess of tightly wound mats that covered his tiny body.

This loving, trusting, sweet dog has finally received the care he needs and deserves! The veterinarian said Shakespeare’s  teeth were in the worst condition she had ever seen and it was definitely ABUSE. They were rotted so badly that nearly all of them needed to be removed.

Shakespeare has emerged from his filthy, matted and painful world and now knows what being a loved and respected dog feels like.  He is an adorable and friendly little love bug who seems to know he’s been rescued!  He gets along with other dogs and when you meet him, watch out for his tail which constantly wags for joy!

Shakespeare is currently being fostered.  If you would like to meet him, please call our Atlas location at 718-326-6070 or email, to arrange a meeting.

Shakespeare will be microchipped, up to date on all vaccines and neutered upon adoption.

Thank you for your interest in Shakespeare!