Sasha is a 4 year old Husky Shepherd pooch who is on the smaller side at about 35-40 lbs. She looks thin, but she eats well and this is just her body makeup. She has one blue eye and one brown, is gorgeous and super sweet. Her foster parents love her very much, and are working with her daily to help her overcome being afraid of things. She must have led a very sheltered life in her past, but is doing better now. Sasha will need to go to a very calm home because while she is not skittish, she is afraid of lots of things including the outdoors sometimes. She loves her walks, but needs a bit of coaxing to go out initially. She does adore the backyard when her fosters go out and play with her. She is afraid of loud noises – car horns, loud bangs, etc., so we really need to find someone who lives in a quiet area and definitely has a calm household. Sasha is a total love muffin. She just wants to be near a person and get love. She is just soooo wonderful. She loves, loves, loves people. She also likes other dogs and it would be good for her to have this companionship if possible. She spoons around her foster’s Jack Russel and they sleep together awww. If you are intersted in meeting Sasha, please email today! Thank you so much!