Ahhh Sadie. Sadie has a blog of her own on our site if you want to read the gallant story of her rescue. It was a tough one and we are just very glad she’s with us and taking care of her little pups =) Right after Sadie was saved from the highway, she came into our shelter. She met the volunteers and staff and she was sweet and gentle with them all. She gave us no problems with other dogs. She just seemed grateful to be rescued! The staff gave her a bath. She also went to the vet who told us she would be giving birth in a week or two… Sure enough, one week later she had six beautiful puppies! They have all been adopted and now it’s Sadie’s turn. Sadie is a very loving dog =) With people, Sadie is super friendly. She is playful and loves to lick your face. With other dogs, she is extremely playful, going into a play bow when meeting them. We recently took her hiking at Alley Pond Park with a dozen other dogs (see photo!) She was so happy to be out and socializing! Sadie is on the smaller side – maybe 35 lbs. If you are interested in knowing more about Sadie, please email Thank you so much!