Russell is a wonderful, spunky and affectionate 4 year old Cavashan (King Cavalier/Bichon Frise mix). He was presented to us in November 2010, paralyzed in his hind quarters. His previous owners told us was that he fell off the couch then they tried to fix the problem by taking Russell to a chiropractor, which only worsened his condition. Unfortunately, his previous family due to financial reasons are unable to provide the proper care, and he was doomed to euthanasia. Our staff vet, Dr. Jennifer Steiger, DVM, has donated her time and resources to non-surgical treatments and brought Russell along nicely. However, Russells case was to severe and surgery by Dr. Marino at Long Island Veterinary Specialists became his only option. He deserves a chance at a loving family willing to have a special needs, happy go-lucky furball. Russell has been in foster care with me since he received his surgery in December 2010. He is mostly potty trained without his wheelchair and is due to get his donated wheels this week. Once he is acclimated to the wheels, he will be fully mobile and potty training should not be an issue. Despite his limitations, Russell loves other dogs and is good with cats. Russell is affectionate and loving with children. Should you be the special family (or person) to adopt Russell, you will receive the help needed to acclimate him to his new home. The adopter should also know, we have a local pet sitter willing to donate time, should you need to book a vacation. For more information please contact Mary Pepper @ Garden City Park Animal Vet Tech overseeing Russell’s care or call the hospital directly at 516.742.3377