Rocky & Gizmo

Rocky and Gizmo: what a perfect little pair of pooches! These little guys are adoptable Chihuahuas, each one weighing about 6 pounds. These sweethearts are elderly (about 8-10 years old), so they are looking for someone with a great big heart to take them home! They have been together their whole little lives, so they must go home together! They had an owner who was elderly herself, and she had to go to a nursing home without them. Rocky and Gizmo are so loyal to each other; they are the most adorable little pair of best friends you have ever seen. If one of these guys gets out to play without the other one, the one who is left cries sweetly while he awaits his brothers return. It is so sweet, it will make your heart swell to three times its normal size! Despite their age, these little fellas actually love a good walk! Then, after a short stroll, they will spend the rest of the day curled up together napping in a nice warm bed. They are both very quiet, gentle, and even-tempered. They also get along well with other small dogs. Please don’t let their age fool you! Chihuahuas are actually the longest-lived dogs, and they can live well into their teen years if well cared for! This little pair of tiny cuties wont take up much room in your home, so the question is, can you make some room for them in your heart? Give Rocky and Gizmo a happy home, and it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your entire life! They are at our Freeport location 2 Rider Place, Freeport NY 11520 Adoption hours are 11am to 7pm everyday.