These gorgeous 2 month old pups are wonderful! There are 3 girls (Eenie, Meenie and Miney) and one boy (Moe) and we think they are Beagle/Cane Corso mixes. If they are, they could be on the large side, so please be ready for a larger dog. They are happy, peppy puppies and we are now looking for their forever homes =) Serious inquiries only. Puppies are great and they need a ton of care. From housebreaking to training to attention, etc., you must be able to go the extra mile and have the time and experience to care for them. We are looking for responsible, loving, forever homes for these kids so they can grow up to be the perfect citizens =) No calls please – send your fully completed application located on our website to adopt@bobbicares.org. Thank you so much!