Precious Too!

This poor little pittie was spotted in a Brooklyn neighborhood trying to eat out of garbage cans two weeks before kind neighbors were able to rescue her. She had just had puppies not too long ago and was very skinny. The puppies were nowhere to be found. She was what they call a "throwaway mom". Bred for her puppies and then tossed out on the street. The neighbors were able to put Precious in their car and took her home to foster. Poor Precious was scared of everything but never agressive. After a couple of days she finally started to come out of her shell and start to play a little bit! Everyone was so happy! She gets along with the foster’s other two dogs (another pit bull and a small dog) and isn’t destructive in the house. She walks well on a leash. She had a full vet exam and is up to date on vaccines. We think she is just about a year old. Sadly, the vet said that it looks like someone cut her ears off with scissors =( Precious holds no grudges though. She is just happy to be safe and loved. For more information on Precious please email