Say hello to Petey!

Petey is a 12 year old wire haired fox terrier. He was found as a stray who slept under a city bus in a lot. A good samaritan worked on rescuing him for weeks. Petey was a little hesitant because in the past some humans weren’t so nice to him. However, his rescuer was very kind and helped him regardless.

Petey has a tough exterior and takes quite some time to let his guard down and accept new friends. But, when he does, he loves you with every ounce of his soul. Petey has a true terrier personality (a little stubborn), so he needs to have an experienced owner with no small children. He also has some guarding issues (with his space, food, and toys) so will need someone who can understand him and accept him for who he is.

Petey also suffers from some health issues. He is on heart medication daily, a special diet for irritable bowl disease, and suffers from vestibular disease caused by a polyp in his ear. Due to his age and bad heart, he cannot go under anesthesia to remove the polyp. The side effects include balance issues, a slight head tilt, and vertigo. But this doesn’t stop him from wanting to go for nice walks or trotting around in the yard with his favorite people.

Petey loves car rides and doesn’t mind a nice warm bath while being massaged. He absolutely loves playing with his squeaky toys! He enjoys hanging out on his friends’ laps while ‘people watching’ and receiving a good brushing. And Petey can’t give enough kisses to those who have taken the time to become his friend.

We know our boy Petey Pete is a tough cookie to place into a home, so we give him extra love, extra attention, and love every single ounce of his little body! He has a home here with us, unless that special someone comes. The love we have for him is unable to be put into words…

Can’t adopt Petey but would like to help? Please think about sponsoring Petey or making a donation in his name. The cost of his heart medications as well as prescription diet food and frequent trips to the vet is quite costly.

Thank you so much

If you’d like to meet Petey, please visit our Freeport location, 2 Rider Place, Freeport.

Petey is neutered, microchipped, heart worm free, and up to date on all vaccines.

Thank you for your interest in Petey!