Penny Pooch

We aren’t sure exactly what happened to Penny before we met her. What we do know is that her former owner went to jail for animal cruelty and while Penny bears no physical scars, the emotional scars are apparent. She is extremely timid (but never aggressive!) when meeting new people and going new places. It may take her a little bit of time for her to come out of her shell, but when she does, she is all kisses and love. The best way to get to know Penny is to engage her in a game of fetch with the tennis ball (see video!). Playing was something that Penny learned at our shelter, something she was deprived of in her puppy hood and now she loves making up for lost time. Can you blame her? Penny is safe at our shelter and she has come a long way with her shyness since she first came here, but she still needs to know what life is like in a loving home, something she never had. She would love nothing more than to have her own doggie bed, long strolls through the neighborhood or even just a patch of sunlight to bask in. For more information on Penny please email or for immediate consideration please fill out our Adoption Application by clicking "Adopt" under her photo. Thank you!