Penelope Latte

Penelope Latte is a Pit Mix who is about 18 months old. She has had one litter of puppies and we have seen one of those pups, a six month old male. So when she had them she was little more than a baby herself. She is a medium sized dog, not more than 35 pounds. She is great with people and a cookie will make her your friend for life. She is crate trained and housebroken. She knows her basic commands but at times becomes so excited, she forgets them for a moment. She walks well on a leash, using a prong collar and needs to be reminded of her leash manners from time to time, with a correction.. Penelope Latte is not over the top with other dogs but is a very dominant female. She has a high prey drive and will give chase to any cat or small dog who turns and runs away from her. She has met other dogs on leash and although her tail is high she did not try to start a fight. She will not shy away from one forced on her. She gets along with her foster’s two dogs but plays very roughly and they have hd to correct her. She seems oblivious to the corrections and never submits to them but keeps playing. She has never even growled at them. She has been more gentle with the foster’s cat. She is best placed in an experienced dog home, with Pit experience and possibly a medium to large male, submissive dog. She can learn to get along with a cat in the family and would be fine with respectful and dog savvy older children. She needs someone who understands her and will go slowly with her and give her time to adjust. Penelope Latte is appreciative of everything you do for her, she loves attention and is happy with a brisk walk in the park. This is a high energy dog, with a strong prey drive, who requires regular exercise, on leash, to tire her out. She will give you back tenfold, every bit of time and patience you invest in her. If you are interested please