A good friend and volunteer rescued poor Patches from people who were not taking care of him. He is very small – under 10 lbs. and is a special needs pooch. We are looking for someone to either foster or adopt little Patches to make him feel safe and secure. Patches is blind and has a thyroid condition. His previous people never seeked any medical attention and he is missing almost all his fur. He is a very sweet, no concern dog. We do not understand how these people didn’t give him any care – it’s very heartbreaking =( We took him to the vet and he’s doing well and requires thyroid meds for now. It’s a simple treatment and will not be difficult to give him his pill. Can you help Patches? Please email with any questions or inquiries. Thank you so much for wanting to help this poor dog in need. No one should have to live out their senior years in a cage =(