How adorable is this boy?? His name is Oreo and he is about 2ish and a Pointer Mix. Oreo is a big guy and he appears a bit smaller in these pictures. Oreo likes other dogs very much and he is just very sweet and playful. We would like you to know though that he is a climber and can scale a 6 foot chain link fence like nobody’s business. We want to make sure whoever adopts him is aware of this. The person or family must be careful and unless you have a solid, very high fence, Oreo would have to be supervised in your yard until he is trained! On the plus side, we have nothing but good things to say about this kid. He’s friendly and happy and just an all-around great dog. He will make someone and/or a family smile all the time =) Oreo is neutered and up to date with his vaccines. If you are interested in meeting Oreo, please email adopt@bobbicares.org. You can also fill out our application for an immediate response! It’s located under Oreo’s picture on our site. Thank you so much!!!