Mishka (polish for little bear because she’s so cute!) was found alone on the street by a very kind person who took her in but cannot keep her. Here is what he has to say: At first Mishka was a bit timid and nervous about going up and down the stairs around my house. Now she has no problem going up and down the backyard stairs! She quickly befriended my mini pin and doesn’t cause any trouble with him. She follows him and hangs with him. She had a few accidents in the house initially, but is learning to do her business outside very quickly. She was a little afraid of the leash in the beginning but now she doesn’t mind at all and loves going walking with her friend the min pin =) She is very interested in the outdoors and sniffs everything awww. She stays at your heel and does not try to go off on her own. She is very well behaved inside and does not bark, maybe if she’s outside and she hears a dog from a distance she will but basically well behaved. She sometimes picks up a slipper or a pillow to toss around and play but is not destructive in the least. She loves her "artificial bones" to chew on and prefers the donut one. She’s very energetic and playful and will fetch the ball and bring it to one spot she likes. She understands that she has her own blanket and she’ll carry it around to where she likes, as in where the family is. She is easy to love. She gives kisses and has good eye contact. Have not seen a single bit of aggression in her. She seems like she’d be appropriate for any age. Does not have any food aggression when eating, like if you move the bowl or go to pet her. Haven’t heard her bark when alone, nor have I gotten any complaints from neighbors. Once she falls asleep she doesn’t want to get up LOL. She is a bit nervous when you pick her up and then put her down. She doesn’t jump onto the bed or couch, but she is sometimes very playful and will jump outside. A very well behaved puppy that I wish I could keep but I can’t. So now that you have the whole story of this wonderful, wonderful girl, please email adopt@bobbicares.org for all info!! Thank you!