Born in the middle of winter, Memphis spent his entire 8 months of life living outside. He lived through all weather elements in a gas station without a regularly scheduled time for food or even water. He slept with his mother on the gravelly pavement under cars that were parked overnight. His only human contact was from the workers who basically ignored him. The Nassau County SPCA was called in to assess the situation. When the SPCA first saw him, his coat was all matted and greasy from oil spills. His owner was ordered to get him his shots and to get him groomed. A month later he was again matted, greasy and filthy. He greeted the investigators, kissing them and basking in their attention – which was the only real human interaction he received. Finally his owner surrendered him to the SPCA. The investigator took him to immediately get bathed and groomed. The mattes were so bad that he had to be shaved down, but you can still see that gorgeous long hair in his tail. What a handsome fellow he is! From there, Memphis was brought to Bobbi and the Strays with his sight set on finding a loving forever home. He wowed the staff and volunteers with his gorgeous coloring and his outstanding personality. Memphis greeted everyone with kisses, a wagging tail, and a big smile! He just loves to interact with people. He also seems to be dog friendly. Memphis is a Bernese Mountain Dog mix and is only 8 months old. Come meet this big mush at 2 Rider Place or email us at