Here are some of the extraordinary things we need to tell you about our adorable Max: He’s a great little eater, loves to walk in the grass, is house trained and will definitely let his person know when he has to go potty, thoroughly enjoys being outside in the fresh air and loves to cuddle with special friends. Max is a 15 year old Poodle who was extremely neglected and is now mostly blind. Will he let his past stand in the way of a wonderful future? Absolutely not! To be the happy pup that he is after all he’s been through is a testament to Max’s strong and loving personality! He is ready to live out his golden years in a home where he will be treated with respect and love.

Here is what Max has had to endure: At 15 years old, Max was surrendered to us after his owner passed away. It was very apparent that this poodle mix was neglected for a long time and was desperate for help. His fur was overgrown, matted, and filthy. His nails were long and obviously painful. An enormous amount of debris and discharge was caked near his eyes. He gave off a foul smell. He walked in circles and into walls and objects. We feared he was blind and had dementia.
Seeing his condition and obvious suffering, we sprang into action.
After arriving at our shelter, a groomer shaved and bathed Max, and his nails were clipped. Expecting to find an eye infection once the matted fur was cleared away, we instead found a large abscess in his cheek, oozing putrid-smelling pus. Our vet explained the abscess started because his teeth were rotting. Antibiotics and pain killers were started right away.
Max then slept, and slept some more. We think it was the first time in ages that Max was comfortable enough to fall into a deep sleep. He was finally free of the heavy matted fur that trapped him, and he felt relief from his painful, gaping abscess.
He is still unsteady on his feet, but can walk. One eye is completely clouded over, but we do think he sees shadows. Since he was groomed, he is no longer walking in circles, and we are cautiously optimistic that our fears of dementia are unfounded.
Max’s transformation has begun. He will now get the veterinary care and love he so fully deserves. He will not be neutered, but is up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and heart worm free. He is currently at our Freeport location.

If you would like to meet this sweet boy and possibly give him the beautiful life he deserves, please download our adoption application and email the completed form to Kindly keep in mind that our adoptions are local only (Long Island and the 5 boroughs of NYC).

Age:15 years (as of 6/2022) DOB 5/19/07
Breed:Poodle mix
Color: white and brown
Sex: male
Shots Up to Date: y
Spayed/Neutered: exempt
Location: Freeport