Marley is a beautful, 4 year old Fila who is about 115 lbs. He’s a large boy who is handsome and lovable =) Marley has been is his home for the past 3-1/2 years. Unfortunately he seems to be overprotective and somewhat leary of the people’s very young children and they can no longer keep him. This is a trait of the breed and we are looking for someone with a lot of experience and patience because Marley, although lovable, needs someone who understands this breed. He does not get along with other dogs on the outside (with the exception of the couple’s other dog who he is submissive to!) and is also leary of strangers. He’s great with the whole family who he knows, so if you meet him a few times, he will see you as a friend. This of course requires a very experienced person. Generally, he is a good dog and provides you with love and companionship, but can be stubborn at times so pack leadership skills are mandatory. On a good note, Marley is a rather big dog and doesn’t know his own size. Sometimes he thinks he’s a lap dog LOL! If you are interested in hearing more about Marley, please email Thank you so much!!