Manny was saved by us from the city shelter system’s euthanasia list. Being he is so underweight, this poor guy must have been out there trying to survive on his own. Manny is doing well – he is starting to see we are here to help him. Initially, he was scared to get into the car and had to be lifted in. He is so friendly and didn’t mind the help! Once he was in the car, he quivered uncontrollably the whole ride. It was very sad to know how afraid he was of the unknown. We know he will trust us and know we’re here to be his guardian angel and find him his forever home. Manny is VERY underweight to say the least. The cruelness of the streets and of the people who allow these poor animals to get into these situations is so sad. Manny is already grateful to us though we’ve only known him a short time. He walked well on a leash and didn’t pull except to investigate some trees =) We believe he is housebroken and he seems interested in other dogs in a friendly way. We think he’s a ladies man LOL because he loved two of our female dogs. Manny is a good kid – we were able to touch him everywhere. He is also very alert. When he heard the loud speaker from a nearby cab stand, he listened very intently, trying to figure out what it was – awww! Manny is no more than 2 – 3 years old. If you are interested in meeting Manny, please email (no calls please). If you can please fill out our application, we will call you immediately. Thank you!