King was rescued from deplorable conditions. His previous owner did not take care of him and King sometimes went long periods of time without going outside, being fed or having water. Sadly King was also hit and abused by humans. People saw his owner hit King with a stick and throw bleach on him. Thankfully neighbors stepped in and started to help take care of King and keep an eye on him till we had room in our shelter to take him in. King is a sweet dog and just wants to be loved and be with people who treat him with respect and kindness. He is sensitive to body language because he has been abused. He needs lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement. He loves lying in the shade, treats, being pet and leisurely walks. He is half french mastiff and half American Staffordshire Terrier. For more info on this gorgeous dog please email or come visit him at 2 Rider Place, Freeport NY. Adoption hours are 11am-7pm