Hello! My name is Judy and I have a very sad story to tell. I feel it must be told and I’m trusting you will feel compassion for me. It all started one dreary Tuesday afternoon. I was scared and lonely and just wandering around in a very treacherous, high traffic area of Queens. Namely right outside a major expressway!! I don’t know how I survived out there so long – it was really rough =( I was out a long time because when my rescuers found me, they saw all my bones. I have since gained some weight and look more beautiful than ever =) My rescuers tell me they are looking for someone who knows my breed – someone who can give me plenty of exercise and walks and in return I promise to kiss your face (which I presently do to the volunteers here LOL!). In closing I would like to say despite a past that has left me sad and alone, it never failed to rob me of my spirit. Please love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go. You will make my life complete and I’ll love you so! PS – Take a look at me dancing on my video!!!!