Say hello to Johnny!

He is an approximately 10 year old Shi Tzu who was recently found tied to a fence along with his sister, Jessie.  Both dogs were severely neglected and in deplorable condition…

Johnny had to be sedated when groomed due to cement-like matts of filthy fur tightly pulling on his skin all over his little body.  He could not properly walk because his nails were so long that they were beginning to grow into his paw pads.  He was not being fed properly because he is very underweight.  Little Johnny has an arthritic back end.  He may need some dental work and shows signs of a heart murmur.  The pain this innocent pup must have endured is unimaginable.

Johnny is now bathed, groomed and gorgeous!  His nails have been cut.  He will have to relearn how to walk and play.  With lots of love and care, Johnny will know what it’s like to be the happy little dog he was meant to be.

You can meet this sweet dog at our Freeport location, 2 Rider Place.

Johnny is heart worm free,  will be microchipped and up to date on all vaccines upon adoption.  We are not sure, at this time, if Johnny will be able to be neutered due to his health issues.

Thank you for your interest in Johnny!