James was rescued from a dirt trash strewn alley in Queens where he and five other dogs had been living for years. They slept in abandoned cars and in overgrown yards of abandoned houses. They ate from the garbage and some of their human neighbors were often mean to them. When we rescued James he was so afraid that he just shook in his run. It was heart breaking. We promised him that he was safe now and that he would never be hurt again. When he saw that his friends from the alley were also with him, he started to relax and he is slowly coming out of his shell. He lets us pet him and he may be scared to walk on a leash at first but once he gets going, he enjoys being out. James needs a quiet understanding home. One that will take their time to help James feel comfortable and adjust. He would do well in a home with a well socialized dog. For more info on James, please email adopt@bobbicares.org