Ike is an extremely affectionate boy and he will rub his little snoot against you to be pet awwwwww! He loves to lay on his back and let you rub his belly. He can be on your lap all day and loves sleeping in the bed. Ike is a stalky character – 10 pounds of spirit! In July 2008, he was diagnosed with a back and hip disorder, which affects his mobility. He cannot jump on a couch, climb stairs, etc. After much searching, Ike’s foster parents found a vet in Long Island that prescribed herbal capsules which stabilized the problem. Ike requires about $50 a month in medication for this issue. Ike doesn’t need too many walks and is content lazing around the house – although he adores playing and romping! He loves to play with toys, runs around inside the house and plays with their other rat terrier everyday. When he goes out for the 2 daily walks, he prefers to stay on the compartment under the baby stroller. The ideal home for Ike would be one without any other male dogs and without small children. He is a bit possessive and his life will be less stressed if he is your only kid. Ike is about 5 years old and really just a little love bug! He is neutered and up to date on vaccines. If you are interested in Ike, please email adopt@bobicares.org today!