Gina hasn’t known many people who love her as much as she loves them. Her former owner wanted to take her to the vet to euthanize her when he didn’t want her anymore. Gina was only 10 months old. Fortunatley a neighbor intervened and Gina ended up at our shelter instead. Unfortunately Gina is one of many young brindle pit mixes for adoption in our city and she has been overlooked so far. Not one person has come to look at her for adoption =( The staff at our shelter find Gina to be extremely smart. She is eager to learn and please her owner. She loves to play fetch and go for long walks around the shelter. She picks up on things quickly and needs an owner who will challenge her and keep her mentally and physically stimulated with obedience, playtime and exercise. Gina longs to have a person take her home and love her as a pet should be loved. A person who will take her for long walks and love the way that she dances beside them in excitement and happiness, a person who gladly obliges to her requests for belly rubs as she flops over on her back, a person who can be trusted never to abandon her again. Can you be that person for Gina? For more info on Gina, please email or for immediate consideration, please fill out the adoption application by clicking "Adopt" under her photo. Thank you!