Forrest is about 5 months and he is doing great! He was originally brought to us at 8 weeks old by someone who found him in a park – abandoned and alone. Forrest has an illness called Puppy Strangles (akin to Juvenile Cellulitis). Puppy Strangles is a deficiency in the immune system of puppies and young dogs. They are born with this disease and although uncommon, Puppy Strangles is treatable and in many cases curable as the puppys immune system matures. Treatment involves a pill a day (Prednisone), however, the length of time of treatment depends on each individual dog. Forrest is currently being weaned off his medication. Other than a pill a day, he is a normal, lively puppy. Forrest is currently being fostered in a home with kitties and 2 other dogs and he adores all!!! He is just the sweetest, calmest pup and just loves to play with everyone – just wait til you see his little tail wagging when you come to greet him! We are looking for a responsible, loving home for little Forrest – a home where he can grow to be a wonderful member of the family. Someone who will spend quality time with him, exercise him and take him to training. It will help to have experience with this breed as they are usually high energy and adore walks, hikes and maybe some morning runs. Please no calls – you MUST submit our application completed in full to Serious inquiries only – we check references and do home visits. NO exceptions. Thank you!