Dash & Violet

ADOPTION PENDING Dash and Violet are unique doggies. They are just about a year old now. They are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. Our best guess is that they are Patterdale Terrier / Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes. Can you believe it? When will you ever see this combination again. They appear black in photos, but their coats are actually a deep dark chocolate with highlights that shimmer in the sunlight. They both have perfect Rhodesian Ridgeback ridges. These puppies are Cajun puppies, originally from a gassing shelter in Louisiana and scheduled to die. Best guesstimates are, that they will be in the 20lb range when full grown (they are currently about 12lbs). They are crate trained and do not have accidents in their crate. Dash is housebroken and Violet is 85% there. They are typical puppies, but do not mouth and do not chew. While they are quick to steal items around the house, they do not chew them, they just horde them in their crate. They love to run in the yard and are fast runners. They love children and other dogs, although at first, they do growl and grandstand, it seems this is the only way they know to communicate, we are working on this. Dash is outgoing and playful. He is always ready for a walk, to play, to romp, to run. Violet is a bit shy and relies upon Dash to let her know all is okay. She is submissive at first, but given time, she is just as playful as Dash. Violet is very smart and is the first to instigate a game of play with Dash. They are fairly good on their leashes, although at any moment a walk can become a WWF wrestling match. They are truly a bonded pair and it is our hope, that they will find their forever home together. It is said that the shelter they came from, is hell on earth. Let’s hope they find peace and happiness together. They are being fostered on Long Island.