Daddy hasn’t seem to have had much luck in his life. When a volunteer found him, it seemed his luck was about to run out as a car narrowly missed him on a busy boulevard but thankfully it missed him and suddenly his luck all changed. The volunteer was able to get Daddy off the street and safely into a car. One look at this dog and anyone could tell he was never taken care of properly. He was extremely underweight, not neutered, and his fur was sparse from malnutrition. On top of that, they practically cut his ears off in an obvious attempt at home cropping =( Daddy didn’t know how to play with toys or other dogs though he was never ever aggressive. Just puzzled! We have had Daddy for a couple of months now and he has come a long way. When his fur grew in, we found out he was a completely different color than we originally thought! He loves his toys and even doesn’t mind sharing them with the other dogs. He recently dropped a tennis ball at a puppy’s feet in an offer to play. He is never aggressive with any of the other dogs even when they snap at him. He just want to be loved! His favorite thing to do is to cuddle with volunteers. It seems he was deprived of this attention and affection in his life before the shelter. He can sit calmly next to you having his head scratched for the longest time and when its time to go back to his cage he doesn’t want to go. He just looks at you with sad eyes that say, "Please don’t leave me." Daddy would love nothing more than to continue learning how a dog should be treated: with love and respect and how a dog should act, happy and playful. We are looking for a special person to give him the continued guidance he needs and learn all the things he should have learned in his former home but was deprived of. Would you adopt or foster Daddy and make him feel like the luckiest dog in the world? For info on how to meet Daddy, please email – Daddy is waiting for you!!