Choo Choo

~ CUTENESS ALERT! PLEASE SHARE TO HELP OUR FOSTER-CUTIE FIND A FOREVER HOME ~ Meet Choo Choo, a laid-back Beagle who loves everyone! She’s a sweet & funny tri-c…olor female Beagle that can go for a run and nap for hours with equal skill. Her foster parents have discovered that she gets along great with dogs, children, and pretty much every living thing she comes into contact with when she’s out on her strolls. She’s housebroken, extremely well-behaved, and loves walks, bellyrubs, and any sort of attention. She’s very smart and makes everyone laugh with her fun personality and silly tricks. She’d do great in an active home where she has a backyard and/or gets at least one good walk per day to burn off some of her energy. She adores her foster family’s dog, so she’d also do well in a home with another well-behaved dog. She’s 8 years old and 30 pounds–a perfect age and size combination. She has the relaxed and patient temperament of a service dog. This wonderful girl deserves a forever home–might that be with you? If you are interested in Choo Choo, please email or send an adoption application ( to or call 718-326-6070 between the hours of 11 AM – 5 PM. Choo Choo is currently off-site with her foster family and available to meet potential adopters.