Please call 718-326-6070. Chloe is a ten month old Miniature Poodle. She is spayed, super affectionate, and gets along with calm dogs and cats. Since she has spent most of her life in a cage, she is not 100% housebroken, but she is a fast learner. Chloe has already been in two households. In the first she was confined in a cage in their bathroom. What a life. In the second, they didn’t understand how to care for her properly and that’s why her entire coat was matted and had to be shaved. Poor Chloe couldn’t even feel a gentle touch through the straight jacket that was her fur. We’ve put up "before and after" photos of Chloe so that you can see how gorgeous she is whether you would like to keep her coat long or short, but please let it grow longer than it is now because she feels the cold. If you keep her coat long, be prepared to comb it daily. Because of her past, Chloe is uncertain about new situations and meeting new people, and it makes her skittish, but if you let her handle things slowly, she opens up quickly. She loves attention and wants to be near you. Do you have the time to give Chloe the care and love she deserves?