Chase has truly earned his name, because that is exactly what some of our dedicated volunteers did in order to catch this dog as he weaved through traffic on the Belt Parkway. In a pursuit straight out of an action movie, Chase was eventually rescued with nary a scratch to show for his ordeal. A visit to the vet revealed that Chase was a bit too thin for a boy his size, which may have in part been because of his broken tooth. That is now fixed, however, and Chase seems quite grateful (especially with the extra meals he receives to help him gain a bit more figure). And how has Chase’s dramatic history affected his personality? He doesn’t seem to particularly care about it, in truth. Chase is the kind of dog that will make any person around him appreciate the present and live in the now. He is truly a joy to watch play, the way he bounds around like a newborn lamb, reveling in the simple gift of life. He is quite talkative, too; tell him anything you wish and he will eagerly howl back a response! But he is not an excessive barker. Chase is fond of walking, too. Maybe sometimes a bit too fond with the way he can pull! Still, he respects his humans enough that a gentle reprimand will have him walking like a true little angel. Just ask the volunteers with whom Chase spends his weekends! Chase wants to show everyone just how wonderful being alive really is. If you share that love, Chase might just be the pup for you! E-mail us at if you think so!