Chance the Pot Belly Pit

A lot is said about a humans will and perseverance. But what about dogs will and perseverance? If anyone can teach a seminar on how to make it through trials, it’s Chance, the handsome Staffie mix. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak English. Any translators?) The things that Chance has been through are things that few can imagine and less can endure. Yet, fate had a different plan for this boy. Thanks to being in the wrong place at the right time, a young man named Bob rescued this precious soul. His life was saved that day. Now, he patiently waits for his life to begin anew. Chance is truly a character. Despite the things he has endured, his joy upon seeing the people he loves is simply uncontainable. His whole body wiggles with happiness. Even while getting scratches, his rear end just can’t stay still. And as loving and affectionate as he is now, we can only imagine how much he will bloom under the guided hand of a knowledge, patient owner, someone who slowly but surely teach him the things he never learned as a pup, things that do not come to him with the same ease as they do with other dogs. Can you write the next chapter in this boy’s book of life and give Chance a chance? The page is open, blank, and ready. Pick up the pen and inquire about Chance at, or come meet him at our Freeport location (2 Rider Place, Freeport NY. 516-378-4340).