Champ, from a distance, can look a little imposing. From several feet away, this ~50 pound (none of which is fat, aside from perhaps those pinch-able cheeks) statuesque canine looks as though he is carved out of stone. And then he gives you a long stare that says, "Don’t worry. I could never hurt you." And then you are really beginning to truly understand this wonderful, kindred spirit, this dog who will squeeze onto any spot as long as it looks comfortable, or will happily remain with you inside the yard but will scale a six foot fence to be at your side once you leave. Champ is strong, and he is more than aware of it. Despite this, all it takes is a firm but gentle command during walks and he goes from dragging his walker down to street to politely walking a few feet in front of them. He’s learned this from his guardian angel and sponsor, April, who consistently works with him; because of April, Champ is, well, a champ at "sit" and "stay" (and, for now, a runner-up at "lay down"). During a recent walk, he was happily greeted by a neighbor and their 12-year-old child, and he was more than eager to return the sentiment. He very much enjoys walks with other dogs and humans. In fact, during our recent Walk 4 Paws, he happily walked in a small "pack" that consisted of humans, another one of our pits, two Italian Greyhounds, and a Scottish Terrier. His philosophy is simple: life is interesting, and while he doesn’t want to drive, he wants nothing more than to sit in the passenger seat and watch the world go by with a human all his own. If you think that’s you, drop us a line at, or even come meet Champ in all his glory at 2 Rider Place in Freeport, NY or call 516-378-4340