It isn’t often that you find someone who makes the often dreary world seem so much lighter. It’s hard to find a person who not only makes the glass seem half full, but then fills it up for you. Friends who make you feel like, no matter what happens, you will always have them beside you. At yet, here’s one right here. Of the dogs rescued from an alley in Jamaica, Canon is the only one who has not been adopted. His life was no picnic in those days. He was unceremoniously dumped in a location not far from this alley, a park where many unlucky dogs find themselves abandoned. And yet, even in these dismal times, Canon knew love: a young neighborhood boy who cared for him and fed him and offered those scratches and pats that mean so little to us and yet so much to the dog. Those days are behind him, though. Canon is safe, yes, but he is lonely. He sits in his cage and, with one paw up, he stares with those wide brown eyes and trembles with hope that, maybe, just maybe, he might be going out, just for a little while. While Canon loves to play and run and fetch and wrestle (like most dogs of his breed), he is a gentle dog by heart. He loves to chase and tussle with other dogs his size, and he’s always one for a game of fetch. But when he’s done with that, Canon is content to sit at your side, leaning against your leg or shoulder, calmly watching the world around him. Canon has the shelter staff, but he needs a friend. A forever friend. Do you need one, too? Find out more about this precious boy at, or come and meet him at our Freeport location (2 Rider Place, Freeport NY. 516-378-4340). But hurry, because a good friend is hard to find.