Say hello to Baby!

She is a 10 year old Corgi mix who was coldheartedly left at our shelter because her owner no longer wanted to care for her.

Baby was never spayed or given proper medical treatment and developed mammary tumors as a result.  This was discovered after her owner left her with us.  Baby had surgery on 11/3/17.  The surgery was costly and we are asking for financial help through a GoFundMe site:

When Baby recovers and heals from her surgery,  she will need a home where she is appreciated for her sweet and beautiful soul, and where she can live her life being showered with kindness and love.  Baby is now in foster, but is available for adoption, so please email or contact our Freeport office at 516-378-4340, to schedule an appointment to meet Baby.  If possible, visit our GoFundMe site to learn more about this sweet dog.

Baby is completely house and crate trained.  She is a very lovable pup.  She’s actually been described as the perfect dog!  We have just learned that she is also cancer free!  We are all very thankful that this lovely dog has a second chance for a wonderful life!

Thank you for your interest in Baby!