Baby G and Pebbles

Say hello to Baby G and Pebbles!

This terrific twosome is a bonded pair.  Baby G is an 8 year old female Chihuahua mix and Pebbles is a 4 year old Wire haired Terrier.

These sweet pups were surrendered to us by their owner and must go to their forever home together. They need the love of a person or family to comfort and reassure them.   Baby G and Pebbles will add double the love to your household!  Pebbles likes to show everyone her belly when she first sees them.  Baby G is a pudgy love bug.  They are just adorable together!

You can meet these wonderful dogs at our Freeport location, 2 Rider Place.

Pebbles and Baby G are both spayed, microchipped, heart worm free, and up to date on all vaccines.

Thank you for your interest in Baby G and Pebbles!

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  • Collage Baby G and Pebbles


Age: Baby G: 8 years (as of 6/2018), Pebbles: 4 years (as of 6/2018)
Breed: Baby G: Chihuahua mix, Pebbles: Wire haired Terrier
Color: Baby G: black, Pebbles: tan
Size: Baby G: small-med, Pebbles: small